Closets and cannons

Drama by Raina Telgemeier

After Smile, I pretty much knew I had to read Drama too. It is totally wonderful, although I did like Smile more. It’s the story of a middle school musical, told by Callie, a member of the back stage crew as she tries to find a way to make an exploding cannon on stage while¬†navigating through the trickiness of dating, cheating, heart break and sexuality.

So, all in all I enthusiastically recommend this book. It handles the middle school dating really well, most importantly giving the gay characters character. You know, not just making them gay people, but people who happen to be gay, which I think is super important and quite often doesn’t happen. Callie’s confusion about her feelings towards several of her friends are sweet and well documented, but don’t marginalize her relationships with her best friend either, so that also made me happy.

And the background of the play really made me miss my years running badly plays with children in summer camps.

I feel like this book deserves a longer post, I’m really tired so it’s not going to get that. Which is a shame. I guess everyone should just go out and read it.

Last movie I watched: The Hangover.

Last TV episode I watched: Teen Titans. Which I’m running out of. That’ll be sad.


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