A very solid Batman

Batman Night of Owls by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

Continuity in comics can be way, way, way complicated. This book fits in shortly after Nigthwing’s Traps and Trapezes and Batman’s Court of Owls and with a few others somehow. I’m still working on the details and will report back later. If I ever figure it out.

Night of Owls all takes place in one night when the Court of Owls decides to move against all the public figures in Gotham. They mistakenly attack Bruce Wayne early in the night, which means the entire, extended Batfamily (except Tim. Where’s Tim?) gets called in to protect the city.

So this book is really neat because it’s got everybody fighting together, or at least at the same time, to protect the city. Bruce is everywhere, obviously, Dick faces off against his ancestor, Damian gets to be in charge of a large military unit, Jason and his gang (Starfire!? How did you end up there? Also Roy) save Mr. Freeze whose … damn, I wanted to an Arnie sized pun about his ice powers but I’ve got nothing…. powers are key to stopping the Owls, Barbara spends most of her stories trying to protect her father and then the Birds of Prey (Katana, Black Canary, Starling and Poison Ivy… clearly I’m missing something huge in there somewhere) Batwing saves Lucius Fox and even Catwoman ends up fighting off a Talon who’s after the Penguin.

A lot of the narration is from the perspective of the Talon too, kind of explaining how they got to be suck broken people, how they were turned into weapons by the Court. Some of them are vaguely sympathetic, because this is Batman and no one’s ever without a sad back story. There’s a lot of the history of the Court, which is a creepily wonderful idea.

Also, they have scary masks.

Anyway, yeah so kind of awesome. A little confusing based on my understanding of the overall Batman-ness but hey! That’s what’s fun about comics. Picking your own canon.

Last movie I watched: The Hangover. I didn’t think I’d like it, but it was kind of funny actually.

Last TV episode I watched: Downton Abbey! Mary and Matthew!! Wheee!!!

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