That time I got so excited that Batman was on the cover that I forgot to read the title

Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond by Adam Beechen, Ryan Benjamin and John Stanisci

Seriously. When the first or third or whichever big red herring reveal was that the villain might be Hush I was like “NO WAY!” Then a few minutes later I shut the book and looked at the title. Freakin’ genius.

So it’s hard for me to tell if this was just the best Batman Beyond graphic novel I’ve ever read because it was awesome or if I just got really excited about Dick Grayson being in it. I suspect the answer is somewhere in the middle.

It begins with a breakout in Cadmus labs. Shortly after that someone starts killing off elderly, senile and infirm Batman villains, leaving clues that point to other Batman villains. Bruce and Terry investigate of course, and determine that the most likely suspect is Hush aka Thomas Elliot, Bruce’s (insane) childhood friend. Either way, whoever it is, they know about Bruce and all his Batmany secrets, leading Terry to Dick Grayson, who’s all retired and one eyed and gruff. After a while though they realize that this new villain isn’t an old bad guy after all but someone much closer to home.

Hey, that sounds like the back of a book doesn’t it? Vague and goofy. I should work in a few good “…”s and we’d be set.

Anyway points for awesome. 1) Terry and Bruce’s trust issues and how they resolve. Sort of. 2) Dick Grayson! 3) Dick and Bruce’s trust  issues. Those don’t resolve at all. 4) The Dick and Terry bonding. Super cute.

If I could pick one thing about comic book reality to bring to this one, it would be awesome healing powers. Terry gets stabbed and is better within twenty pages.  Everyone wakes up from blows to the head. People walk home with gut wounds. Think of how handy that would be in real life.

Last movie I watched: Superman/Batman Public Enemies.

Last TV episode I watched: Downton Abbey. WILLIAM!!! Also Matthew. Poor Matthew.


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