Someone really needs to imprison all the women Bruce Wayne has ever slept with – it will save so much time when they turn out to be evil later

Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes by Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham and Cameron Stewart

So spoiler alert! Talia is evil and crazy and creates the Leviathan organization, as far as I can tell, for the soul purpose of irritating Bruce. Also, I think it gets her child killed (DAMIAN! WHY ARE YOU DEAD?) because she is a horrible mother.

Seriously – when Bruce Wayne looks like the responsible parent, you’re in trouble.

Also, why did Talia cut off Jezebel’s  head? Sure Bruce was in love with her but she was evil! And insane! Which… actually maybe accounts for it.

Anyway, that was fun. I feel like it was the conclusion of a comic book series I haven’t read, so I’m pretty sure I’m missing some of the details and subtleties of the story but what I lack in background knowledge I totally made up for in enthusiasm. After all, this one featured my favourite characters: Everyone! Stephanie infiltrates a school brainwashing girls. Barbara does her awesome coordinating and cyber battling coolness. Dick, Tim and Damian spend most of the time trying to back Bruce up, which is hard since he keeps doing dumb things that get him in trouble. We’ve also got Bat Wing (the African Batman… yeah I’m not sure I’m going to touch that one), a few of the other “ethnic” Batmen and even the Outsides, who are apparently important although I have no idea who they are at this point (other than Batman’s little Justice League).

If I were to pick three favourite moments, they’d all involve Damian (not because I’m struggling to cope with his death, he’s just so precious). The way he and Dick fight together is particularly wonderful and the frame where that’s exemplified is super neat. I also loved his apology to Bruce after he breaks his promise not to kill (for like the 6th millionth time) because it was the only way to save Bruce’s life. And his sweet little face looks so confused when he realizes it’s his mother who’s just about killed him and everyone he loves – its kind of heartbreaking.

Oh Talia, you are such an interesting character. I’d like you so much more if you didn’t kill Damian.

Last movie I watched: Superman/Batman Public Enemies. “Clark, what the hell are good villains?”

Last TV episode I watched: Teen Titans. Fun. Not as good as Young Justice. Ran twice as long. Disappointed.


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