Now I finally understand why there are superhero encyclopedias…. apparently you need them

Birds of Prey: The Death of Oracle by Gail Simone

Of all the kick-ass lady superheroes I’ve ever spent time getting to know, Barbara Gordon is my favourite. I’m fond of her as Batgirl and I adore her as Oracle. I think she’s interesting and very three dimensional (for a comic obviously) and strong and all in all way cooler than, I don’t know, Wonder Woman. At least she puts pants on.

I knew, kind of vaguely, that she headed up a team of superhero ladies as Oracle and it consisted of Huntress (who seriously has the second dumbest costume I’ve ever seen…she’s only beaten out by Starfire. I feel like Dick sleeps with both of them too… disappointing…clearly he has a thing for purple, basically non existent crime fighting suits… anyway), Black Canary, who is a superhero in her own series I think (or maybe she joins the JLA or something) and Batgirl, or at least Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl. Maybe not Cassandra’s.

Well maybe I’m right but I have a feeling that reality is much more confusing.

That’s right. If anyone managed to understand that whole last paragraph well done! Apparently it’s more complicated than that.

So because of some run in with the Calculator (one of the lamest named villains ever) Barbara has decided it’s too dangerous for Oracle to continue helping like every super hero on the plant so she, with the Birds and Batman, come up with a needlessly complicated plot to fake her death. This includes Lady Blackhawk (time travelling pilot from the second world war), Dove (overly innocent girl who turns into a blue and white spandexed, super strong person), Huntress, Black Canary and some dude called Hawk who works just like Dove only he’s tougher, gruffer and turns red instead of blue, getting drunk and watching strippers and getting kidnapped and tied up in a bus and…. Anyway, ultimately it works out and Oracle “dies”. We’re treated to several nice adventures afterwards in which Oracle still helps out her superheroes, despite going to such extremes to disappear.

I enjoyed the Batboys, all of whom made brief appearances and the kickass, lady power, sisterly bonds that the Birds shared. I’m not sure that it’s ever a good idea to bring an evil mutant Nazi back from the dead though. That might have been a low point.

Anyway, I’d just finished revising my list of the Birds of Prey when I came across another story that has like six different members. Hence my need for an encyclopedia. On the bright side, I work in a library. I could probably find one.

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2 thoughts on “Now I finally understand why there are superhero encyclopedias…. apparently you need them

  1. Keira says:

    Well actually, I kidnapped both of them sooo…you wouldn’t have found any 🙂

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