Easy Reader novels – probably good for you know, reading but maybe not as awesome to read

Nathaniel Fludd Beastologist Book One: Flight of the Phoenix

This book was short. Like really short. Like 137 pages.  Maybe that accounts for some of its less-then-epic ness. It’s super short and it’s the first book in the series, so there is very little time for the actual story all things considered.

Probably a necessity, I get that, but as someone who wasn’t really reading just for the reading practice it was a little disappointing. I mean it was nice. Followed all the conventions you’d expected in a pretty well handled way. Orphan boy, frightened, not wanted, unexpected journey, long lost family members, finding his courage, that sort of thing. Definitely points for having a talking dodo bird.

Nate is a likable little hero, worried that he’s too scared to be a Fludd and inherit this whole history he knew nothing about. He’s kind and resourceful and manages to save the day, even if it’s in a less than on-the-edge-of-your-seat-biting-your-nails kind of way. I’d probably use this book for a young reader who was just a few levels ahead of his peers or just a few levels behind.

I think the story’s compelling enough to keep the reader interested and it’s so small, with relatively easy language, that it does kind of feel like a stepping stone book, one to carry a kid out of proper, novel lengthed easy readers up towards “real” ones. Which is probably a good thing. As a super slow reader I probably would have loved to have a thickish book so that I didn’t stand out so much with my huge picture book in a class full of novel readers. Which makes me think books like this are probably important to have.

Just not that interesting to read as an adult.

Last movie I watched: Brave. I think. Although it was a while ago. Anyway, loved it.

Last TV episode I watched: Firefly. Which is obviously… spectacular. I had a conversation with a friend involving the question of whether or not Joss Whedon was rising towards his second peek with Firefly (not Serenity though) and whether that could ever happen again. We’ll never know, now will we?


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