Knowing that there’s good, trashy teenage vampire fiction out there makes Twilight so much worse

Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Novel by Richelle Mead

Frostbite is the second in the Vampire Academy series and it  is lovely. Rose and Lissa are still at school, making up for the years they were running away and recovering from the kind of scary events of the first book. Everything is going swimmingly. Lissa is in love with her boyfriend Christian and Rose is trying to cope with how in love she is with her fighting instructor Dimitri.

That is until a group of Strigoi slaughter bunch of members of the royal family. Then the relationship drama has to … make room from some other kinds of drama.  Like political drama, parental drama, fighting evil drama and some pretty serious death.

It’s a fun, easy read that I got through pretty quickly and enjoyed a lot. It also made me think that adults are kind of just like teenagers, but with a few more skills at hiding it.

As usual I am more interested in the relationships between friends than I am couples because homosocial live partners are way more important anyway (haven’t you heard?).  Hence my analysis of Rose and Lissa, not Rose and Dimitri or Lissa and Christian. I totally empathized with Rose as she got increasingly frustrated in her relationship with her best friend. I mean, as an adult (and way more as a teen) I definitely lost touch with a lot of people I considered a best friend once,  so I got her frustration, worry and jealousy. She didn’t seem like an over emotionally whiny teenager at all to me (something J.K. couldn’t manage) so much as someone loosing their best friend and hurting because of it. I also understood how badly Rose wanted to tell Lissa about her own issues and insecurities but didn’t feel like she could. I’m also pretty sure that didn’t stop when I magically turned twenty.

Isn’t that depressing? Being a teenager doesn’t end, just gets more controllable. Ugg.

Rose’s relationship with her mother, who wasn’t in the first book, was also really neat to see unfolding. It moved from complete antagonism to potentially becoming almost like cooperation maybe – which seemed realistic and was nice to read. The best parts were moments when Rose starts to understand what motivated her mother and to admire her for them, even though she hated it.

The last, and probably best part is (SPOILER OF EPIC PROPORTION) was Mason’s death. And by best I mean the most emotional part of the whole book, not the most fun. His death was handled so breathtakingly, and realistically (considering he was killed by vampires) and I absolutely didn’t see it coming . Rose’s trauma and guilt are very raw but it brings her closer to her mother particularly  in a very beautiful way.

So yup, there we have it. A discussion of a vampire romance in which I describe neither the vampires, or the romance.

Whatever. It’s how I roll.

Last movie I watched: Good god, it’s still Snow White and the Huntsman. This is ridiculous!

Last TV episode I watched: Downton Abbey. Mr Bates! Why Mr Bates?!


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