Best Batman Book ever! Or at least high up on the list

Batman: The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul by Grant Morrison and Paul Dini

One of the problems with superhero comics is that whenever you try to explain what happens in them it sounds like someone playing Mad Libs at three thirty in the morning.When you read them, its awesome and cool and totally sensible. When you summarize you sound like a six year old.  No wonder no one takes them seriously.

So, just keep that in mind as you read this next paragraph okay?

Ra’s Al Ghul is one of the most epic villains in Batman because he’s like three thousand years old and every time dying pops up to ruin his day he jumps in a Lazarus Pit, goes a little crazy and then gets better. Lazarus pits can do that to people see? So anyway, Ra’s seems to be pretty dead there at the beginning of the story, but obviously that’s not how this ends. It ends in an epic battle that involves the whole Batfamily (which is where the awesomeness comes in) trekking to Asia to save Damian Wayne, stop the Sensi and keep Ra’s from destroying a magical monastery in his attempt to get another body for his soul.

Batman is awesome. I love him. Obviously. But the best Batman books have good stories for the whole family, not just him. Which is why this one is so awesome. Bruce spends most of the story hunting done ultimate evils with his ex-girl friend after making the decision to stop Ra’s instead of protect his son. Dick gets called in to rescue Tim and Damian and ends up taking an unthinkable risk with his little brother. Tim, who’s still heartbroken by the deaths of three people he loves, finds himself fighting to protect Damian, who hates him, and ends up being made a terrible offer. Damian is scared for the first time in his life and he reacts by running to his father, who he barely knows, only to get stuck with his brothers instead. Even Alfred ends up coming on this mission and kicking some butt.

Because it’s a family story.

Of course, it does kind of suffer from a weird mix of mysticism and science and the standard comic book plot holes (how can there be that many ninjas?) but it’s actually surprisingly genre savvy too which is awesome. As Nightwing observes “That’s like the Sam’s club super-sized box of ninjas. Where does Ra’s find these guys?”

Last movie I watched: Snow White and the Huntsman still.

Last TV episode I watched: Grimm!! Which is just… so…. wonderful I’m not sure I’ll bother articulating it


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