That vague feeling you get after reading a book that was good but you feel like it could be better

Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan and Orpheus Collar

I made the decision not to read Red Pyramid like the moment I saw it, which is probably a little unfair. But as previously discussed, I LOVE PERCY JACKSON. Reading the back of Red Pyramid made me think… Percy Jackson only with Egyptian gods instead of Greek ones and no Percy. Which just seemed like a recipe for disappointment.  So I just didn’t read it.

But then I found this shiny graphic novel version of it and thought well hey, it’s like reading the novel but it’ll take me like a tenth of the time and there are pretty pictures. So I did.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I was right in my initial analysis of the Red Pyramid. It was a good story for sure, totally engaging and fun but it just felt Percy Jacksonesque all the way through. Kids who don’t know their powers, absent parents, guardians in unexpected places, road trips, flying boats, training montages, long lost family members, magical dreams. These are all good things, and normally way over featured in fantasy generally (all things that will not make it into any epic fantasy novel  I ever decide to write) but overlapping with the ancient gods and their weird mythology and all those things just felt…. like the Olympians. Without Percy. This made me sad.

The pictures are quite lovely. Brightly coloured, vivid, exciting but I don’t know, I feel like there was just too much content to fit in a graphic novel so they had to be small and framed in a pretty standard way. I’m starting to noticed a big difference between books that were written to be graphic novels and novels turned into graphic ones afterwards. They’re just never as good picture wise.

So even though I liked the story and was pleased with the pictures when I finished I had an overwhelming sense that “gee that was good…. but it failed to be awesome”. I don’t know, I get why it’s circ stats are fairly low. I’m not sure I would read it if I were a ten year old kid either. Not for any particular reason, just a failure to be awesome.

Last movie I watched: Snow White  and the Huntman. Highlights: Chris Hemsworth and the special effects. Lowlights: EVERYTHING ELSE.

Last TV episode I watched: The The Batman episode with Nightwing in it. I swear I didn’t giggle like a three year old.

I’m lying.


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