Nightwing: The only Batchild I can read an entire graphic novel about without being disappointed if Bruce doesn’t guest star

Nightwing: Mobbed Up by Devin Grayson, Phil Hester, Cliff Chiang and Andre Parks

Nightwing, fabulous Dick Grayson isn’t on speaking terms with Bruce at the moment,  is on crutches after being shot and doesn’t really have a home. Naturally he does the only thing left to him – joins a mafia family!

I think the general idea is that there should be some ambiguity about Dick’s intentions. Is he actually loyal to this mobster who’s kinder and more affectionate than Bruce every was and whose family has embraced him whole heartedly? Or is it all a complicated uncover ploy? It doesn’t really work, or at least it didn’t for me since, well he’s Dick Grayson. Obviously he’s not really an enforcer.

He’s just depressed and miserable and wants to do something that will make him feel worse. So he does.

Highlights: Dick’s reflection on Tim when he sees Robin fighting some gangsters and the conversation they have directly following them.

I don’t know. There’s not a lot to say about it really. I mean like “That was fun!” and “Nightwing you’re such a darling!” were both said, out loud, to no one, as I sat on my couch but that’s about it. So I’ll just leave that there.

Last movie I watched: Bridesmaids. Which didn’t really make me laugh, confirming my deepest fears. I’m a comedy snob.

Last TV episode I watched: Supernatural. Which … is becoming increasingly like Charmed…. and that’s making it better…. which isn’t a good sign.


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