In which Batman dies and gets better for like the two zillionth time

Batman R.I.P. by Grant Morrison, Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea, Lee Garbett and Trevor Scott

Seriously, no one takes him dying seriously anymore….

Two points in regards to this comic which is apparently one of the most awesome ever. Seriously, if you Google important Batman comics this one’s on the list.

Don’t ask why I know that.

Point 1) It was awesome.

Point 2) It was super confusing.

Let’s get point two out of the way so everyone can see that I do think objectively about Batman sometimes and not just giggle hysterically. You know, before I giggle write hysterically about how awesome it was.

So, even though I really enjoyed it I feel like if you need to read the Wikipedia article afterwards to make sure you understood the main plot points you’re kind of missing something important from the reading experience. This is mostly relating to Bruce’s “death” at the end, which is pretty clearly suggested at but didn’t really fit with my understanding of how Bruce died. You know, the time it almost stuck. There was also a few hundred layers of Bruce Wayne/ Batman subconscious to sift through before stuff makes sense. Plus there was the Batmite, who turned out to be okay but I was pretty worried about at first. Any character written in the 50s has the potential to be hugely bad. Also, the rest of the not yet dead Batmen of Nations or whatever they were called, turned up. Which was nice. And incredibly racist. Still.

On the awesome note, this book had most of the Batfamily, or at least the Robins (including Damian although he wasn’t Robin yet) popping up which was awesome ’cause I love the Batfamily. The story was actually really wonderful too. Because Bruce is so smart, sometimes it’s hard to make a threat real because you know, he figures it out like twelve seconds in and then spends the next two hours hitting it. The conspiracy of the Black Glove was super engaging.

Although for super-genius villains you’d think they’d be smarter than to hire the Joker. Whatever.

Either way, great story, once you work out what’s flashback, what’s hallucinations, what’s alternative reality and what’s actually real (the pictures help with that).  It’s got some pretty epic Batman moments, Bruce wandering around with no memory and yet still breaking things, Nightwing being completely wonderful, Talia being her wonderfully evil self, Alfred getting abused (which is pretty upsetting), Tim saving the world and Damian. Who I just love.

Last movie I watched: Probably still Lawless.

Last TV episode I watched: DOWNTON ABBEY. I can’t talk about it. It’s too good.


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