And now we’re back to graphic novels about children’s cartoons

Just in case anyone thought I was getting too grown up.

Young Justice by Art Baltazar, Mike Norton and Christopher Jones

Okay so it’s clearly not a piece of literary genius or a revolutionary comic book or something that’s really going to force children to think about the world in new and interesting ways. Or even think at all.

But I don’t care, because it was really fun.

Young Justice is a (n awesome!!!) cartoon in it’s second season. This comic fits between the first and second episode of the first season. The premise is the sidekicks of the superheroes in the Justice League form a covert team to help out their mentors and save the world. The team consists of Kid Flash (you’re now thinking that’s the lamest sidekick name ever aren’t you? well you’d be wrong), the nephew of Flash, Robin as in Batman and Robin obviously, Aqualad (see, Kid Flash doesn’t seem so stupid any more does it?) the protegee of Aquaman, Superboy (also pretty dumbly named) Superman’s clone and Miss Martian (seriously the last time anyone in DC came up with a good name for a sidekick it was Robin so like… 1940 something) the niece of the Martian Manhunter.

There are a few stories about the team and what they do between deciding they want to be a team and getting their first real mission. For Kid Flash and Superboy that includes having a sleepover, fighting crime and getting in trouble. Superboy also has intense mind control visions and unrequited desires to break Superman’s face (I can relate). Aqualad, Robin and Kid Flash give themselves a mission, which they botch but then recover from only to botch in the end and then everyone goes camping together and end up sharing their origin stories.

Other than Robin. Because Batman told him not to. He’s kind of a jerk about the whole secret identity thing.

There’s lots in there that kids probably understand, like how difficult rules are, how hard it is to have a secret, that sometimes working together is pretty tricky and moving to new places is brutal but mostly its just about kids fighting bad guys and being awesome.

Which is awesome.

Last movie I watched: Lawless.

Last TV episode I watched: Young Justice.


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