Parenting advice from Bruce Wayne: Dress your kid up in a yellow cape and take him crime fighting, don’t tell him anything and get him a puppy

The New 52 Batman and Robin Vol 1 Born to Kill by Peter J Tomasi, Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray

Plot: Bruce is back to being Batman and has decided to keep Dick’s choice of Damian (his biological and accidental son by the daughter of one of his most epic enemies) as Robin. But it’s not going that well. Along with Bruce generally being much more grumpy than Dick, he’s torn between protecting his crazy, assassin trained offspring from further injury and trauma and not trusting said crazy assassin trained offspring to not kill everyone who looks at him funny. To make things more complicated an old buddy of Bruce’s shows up. Nobody, like Batman, fights crime  – only he beats it to death instead of putting it into a laughably ineffective prison system.  Naturally Damian is interested in Nobody, who then tries to recruit him. This more of less gives Bruce heart failure but it all turns out okay in the end.

And Bruce buys a puppy for Damian. In hopes that a puppy will distract him from his other hobbies of killing rodents, breaking faces and drawing people dying in horrible ways.

High points: Pretty much all of it. The plot is quite good but it’s not really the driving force in the story. That is Damian and Bruce’s relationship. And that’s nice. The right amount of screaming, the right amount of forgiving. Each character feeling betrayed by the other. Each character trying to protect the other. You kind of get the impression that Bruce doesn’t know his son (certainly not half as well as Dick) because he’s always just assumed the boy is what Talia made him. You don’t usually get to see Bruce Wayne being completely wrong so that was refreshing.

Also, Batman would  have me believe that all family bounding needs to include concussions for everyone!

Last movie I watched: Probably still James Bond. I gotta get on that

Last TV episode I watched: YOUNG JUSTICE! AHH HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!? ALSO, IS TIM OKAY? Man it’s going to be a long week.


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