The Underland is getting better!

Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane by Suzanne Collins

I liked Gregor the Overlander when I read it over the summer. But I wasn’t that impressed with it.

But like ninety nine percent of superhero trilogies, two is way better than one (hopefully three doesn’t suck though).

The story picks up a few months after the first book. Gregor did rescue his sister and their father and bring them home, but it didn’t really help. Now his poor mother has another dependent because her husband is too sick and traumatized by his time in the Underland to help his family, forcing Gregor to continue taking care of his younger siblings and his grandma. That is until the roaches kidnap Boots one day to protect her from the rats who are afraid of the Prophecy of Bane and believe Boots is the key to stopping it.

One of the great things about the second book in a series is way less time has to be spent in exposition. This book really benefits from the quicker story line and a bit more playfulness in the writing style. As usual Boots’ voice is beautiful and the different species that live in the Underland are fantastic and unique (but not in a Brian Jacques way when your species informs EVERY CHARACTER TRAIT YOU HAVE). Lovable characters return, new ones are introduced and very importantly in the case of Ares, old characters are explored.

The most satisfying relationship was Gregor and Ares as they learn what their bonds means, something that was left to the very end of the previous book. But my favourite moment takes places in the Overland. Lizzie, Gregor’s middle sister selflessly insists that he take Boots to go sledding while she stays home to watch their father and grandmother. Gregor thinks sadly that she’s only seven and it’s unfair that she has to do that – the wonderful part is that he’s only a few years older. I thought that moment really showed his character much clearer than any other. Even fighting sea monsters.

I did find the ending of this one a little too convenient but other than that I have no real criticism. It’s a very genred story, full of archetypes and standard plot arches but the twists that she does slip in are surprising and lovely and it makes for a really pleasant read.

Last movie I watched: Quantum of Solace. I feel like I didn’t pay enough attention ’cause  I have no idea what went on. Bond shot stuff I think.

Last TV episode I watched: Grimm!! People seriously gotta stop eating people on that show.


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