This time it really wasn’t my fault!

The New 52: Nightwing Vol I :Traps and Trapezes by Kyle Higgins and Eddy Barrows

So this is kind of a lie. I mean, I did buy this comic so I can’t reasonably deny that I’m to blame for some of this. BUT I was reading another book and it was going swimmingly but its on an ereader which isn’t mine. It belongs to my library and I forgot the charging cable on my desk at work (also a little bit my fault but not that much) so when it ran out of battery power I couldn’t read that book any more and I needed something to read and Nightwing just… sorta… happened.

Okay, so kind of my fault.

But not that much.

This graphic novel follows the exciting adventures of the wonderful Dick Grayson, back in his (not blue) Nightwing outfit. His past comes back to haunt him when the circus he grew up in returns to Gotham and an unknown assassin starts to hunt Dick Grayson (not Nightwing). Could there possibly be a connection? Obviously.

I adore Dick, maybe even more than Bruce and this is the first graphic novel I’ve ever read where he’s the hero all the way through. Kind of awesome place to start. Not remotely close to the beginning, but whatever. I’m not sure even I have the time and motivation to go read 30 years of back ordered stuff.

Now I’m going to assume that people have better things to do with their time than read my manic giggle-writing about how much I love Dick. Also, I have a lot of dishes to do before my Aunt comes to visit so I’m going to just talk about one thing that’s awesome about this book – the overlap.

Comics are so unique in the way that the publishers are printing multiple stories written by multiple writers simultaneously that all take place in the same universe. This could be so awesome! For the Batfamily it is so awesome. This is what the Justice League could be like if it wasn’t so goofy. But unlike the Justice League where some characters have to be marginalized (Oh no! Superman accidentally got a Kryptonite sliver stuck in his nose and now he’s got the worst cold ever and can’t help so all the lesser heroes and Batman will have to punch stuff) or the scenarios have to become incredibly complicated (Ninety eight percent of the League has to go punch invading aliens or they will eat all the concrete in Metropolis and leave huge potholes everywhere but luckily Batman and Green Arrow can rewrite their programming by hand, using charcoal while Wonder Woman distracts them with her breasts and Martian Man Hunter turns into a lady!) just to create narrative drive, the Batfamily are all more or less on the same page so we can avoid all this rubbish.

You know, they’re smart, they jump off tall stuff, have magical recovering powers, don’t need to sleep and ALWAYS sleep with the evil chick (With the exception of Batwoman none of the female members of the team seem to have that problem as much and I’m not even sure Batwoman does either, although she probably could).

So the overlap is great! You can have complex, exciting emotional stories that overlap and add to each other without one character coming off like an all powerful alien with nice bling who chooses to hang out with a dude into medieval warfare. So Barbara’s visit to Dick (while he’s sleeping with an evil chick for a change – seriously?! He needs to stop taking advice from Bruce) was great, one because it was well written and wonderful but also because it picks up on the story from Darkest Reflections. Alfred drifts out of Court of Owls long enough to support Dick which was a really touching, and telling, moment. This book ends with the exactly same scene as Court of Owls did (Bruce you’re a gazillionaire. You couldn’t get a dentist to take that tooth out, you had to just punch Dick in the face?) but it answers most of the questions Dick hadn’t been able to work out. And that’s so cool.

Although I feel like if the Batfamily had like a Googledoc or something so they could compare notes, they’d spend way less time blundering around punching the wrong people.

Anyway – overlap in comics can be really awesome. That’s what I learned from this book. I’m so excited to gather the rest of the New 52 series so I can see all the crossovers.

Also, I love Babs and Dick. I don’t care if they ever hook up again, but man they are awesome together, even if half of them are busy banging the evil chick.

Dick’s doing that, obviously.

Last movie I watched: Enchanted. TOO CUTE FOR LIFE.

Last TV episode I watched: Young Justice! The internet tells me that it might be cancelled, which is devastating  Because it’s awesome.  And reason number one for it’s awesomeness isn’t BATMAN’S THERE. That’s reason 4. So yeah, excellent show.


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