New favourite! Or at least, new book to add to the favourite list

Dragonbreath: No Such Thing as Ghosts by Ursula Vernon

After recommending the Dragonbreath books enthusiastically to parents of children who liked Diary of  Wimpy Kid (and what kid doesn’t like Diary of a Wimpy Kid?) I decided to actually read one.

And it was awesome!

With a little more text then Wimpy Kid, and notable more large scary words, Dragonbreath might not be a perfect read alike, at least as far as skill level, but totally in all other ways.

Danny Dragonbreath is a dragon (but no one believes him). Wendell the iguana is his best friend. Together they have all kinds of wacky adventures, mostly motivated by Danny’s hilarious willingness to do anything (like take advice from rats) and Wendell’s fear of pretty much everything. For this book they are also joined by Christiana the skeptically crested lizard when they go into a haunted house on a dare.

This book was full of information too (salmonella causes food poisoning, hydrogen atoms have one electron and science depends on stuff being provable) but there was no pausing to point out the importance of these facts. Or any other irritating values. It was also hilariously funny and just a little creepy (seriously, the drawing of the clown was scary). Anyway, all in all a super fun little read.

Last movie I watched: Jane Eyre. I felt like this version did a lot to emphasize the Gothic nature of the book, which was kind of important but also lacked a lot of plot subtleties.

Last TV episode I watched: Still on Leverage. Still awesome though.


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