This is the title I wish I could use: A very long list of all the reasons Alcatraz is awesome. But the list is just too long

Alcatraz Versus the Knights of Crystallia by Brandon Sanderson

So I totally loved the first two in this series. But for some reason, that I can’t place exactly, number three is my favourite. The reason it took me so long to read was because I left the epilogue for a day because I didn’t want it to be over.

Yes, there are two more after this one.

This book is an account of Alcatraz’s first experience outside the Hushlands. We meet more members of his family (his aunt Patty whose talent is saying inappropriate or embarrassing things at the worst times and his cousin Folsom who is an incredibly bad dancer) as well as get to know his father, and how spectacularly bad he is at being a father. We finally meet Bastille’s family as well as Himalaya, a recovering librarian. We watch, with our collective breaths held as Alcatraz and his grandfather try to find out why the Librarians want to sign a treaty with the kings, work out what Shasta Smerdy is doing in the city (since it’s obviously not seeing her son) and help Bastille through her punishment for breaking her sword.

And it’s spectacular! Every minute of it.

This one did kind of read a little bit like Harry Potter. Alcatraz finally comes to understand what it means to be a Smedry and the lost heir to the line as well – he’s famous! But it tends to focus on other things than J.K. did, even gently mocking it on some, well a lot of occasions, because this book gently mocks everything.

One of my favourite parts is Alcatraz’s discussion on the trifecta of potty humour (farts, poop and barf if you wanted to know). I’m sure that there’s no nodding to Captain Underpants or The Day My Butt Went Psycho in there.

The thing that delighted me most about this book is just how genre savvy it is. Alcatraz in particular seems to recognize narrative patterns and either 1) avoid them or 2) make fun of himself for walking into them.

I don’t know, I just loved this book so much I want to talk about it but I also want other people to read it so they can talk about it with me but they might not if  I spoiling the ending. So I’m just going to leave it there, for now, to give everyone a chance to catch up.

P.S. – I strongly recommend flipping to the back of the book

Last movie I watched: The Debt. Really good – very dark, kind of depressing but really good. Also – Sam Worthington. Just noticed, he’s kind of wonderful.

Last TV episode I watched: Leverage! I’m so sad that it’s done. Although these last few, haven’t been as awesome as some other ones.


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