Oh George Lucas

Star Wars Adventures: Princess Leia and Royal Ransom by Jeremy Barlow, Carlo Soriano, Michael Atiyeh, Michael Heisler and Sean McNally

So this wasn’t bad.

But I didn’t like it.

The story was actually a little bit complicated. I mean, yes, it was about a kidnapped princess set up to show how kick ass Leia is (because the only way a woman can demonstrate her skills at anything is by contrasting herself against another woman), but there were like five or six different groups of people involved with their own agendas and Leia and Han had delightful chemistry and Leia was pretty kick ass ( although she allowed herself to be disarmed and kidnapped with disheartening ease and had to talk her way out of it before getting saved by Han) and there was a lot going on as far as plots go. I mean, this really short graphic novel had more plot than all of Attack of the  Clones.

But it just didn’t… I don’t know… work right. Somehow. Possibly because of a pink princess. Whatever.

The drawings of the aliens were  cool, but the drawings of the people were not so awesome. Some of them looked like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, some not remotely, some they seemed to be in position that, as far as I am aware, no living person can actually be in without serious injury. I just can’t place why I didn’t like it.

Also, contrasting Leia against the pink princess when they are wearing essentially the same outfit just in different colours isn’t really that empowering to her. The movies were pretty good at making her beautiful without making her sexy (other than the Jabba the Hunt thing, obviously). Why can’t a graphic novel for ten year olds do that?

Whatever. Sort of a success. Sort of not.

Last movie I watched: Still the Debt. I feel like Jessica Chastain is a really good actress.

Last TV episode: Batman Beyond. Old Bruce, still epic.


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