Pictures are important

Batman and Robin: Batman and Robin Must Die by Grant Morrison, Frazer Irving and David Finch

So, what reading this particular Batman comic taught me is that I like the graphics in my graphic novels to be character and plot driven, not stylized.

Or maybe I just didn’t like this style. Everyone’s teeth were kind of the focal point of all the pictures. I don’t think I like teeth that much.

Anyway, unlike other books I’ve read where I initially didn’t like the graphics, like The Dark Knight Returns, they kind of grew on me and made sense with the feeling of the book and by the end I was pretty excited about them.

Not so much with this one. The story was pretty wonderful (The Joker and Damian had their first run in, Bruce comes back, Dr. Pyg who is the scariest villain ever turns up, Jim Gordon’s running around being awesome, Dick manages to survive despite a huge amount of head trauma, the Batfamily reassembles for a nice group picture at the end, Bruce decides that Dick works better with Damian then he does, generally awesomeness, Bruce goes public with Batman Inc, Alfred is himself, etc, etc) but the pictures just didn’t work right. Partly because the books were drawn by different illustrators. One of them had the kind of typical super hero pictures that I know and love – sharp lines, clear colours, mostly action driven pictures or close ups of faces, lots of shadows, lots of epic-ness. I like these kinds of pictures.

Which made the contrast worse. The other one’s pictures were very colour themed – blue mostly, or red so everyone and everything in them were washed by that colour and the only objects that weren’t were clearly accented to look, I don’t know, significant somehow. I kind of found it irritating. Maybe I wanted to figure out what was important all by myself. I also didn’t like the way the faces looked – they couldn’t seem to have expressions. There were comparatively few details in these pages and so emotional responses tended to be expressed mostly through teeth. I don’t know – I felt like those frames just lacked emotional impact. They felt more… art for arts sake. Which is fine. In an art gallery.

Apparently I don’t love it in my comics.

Last movie I watched: None

Last TV episode I watched: Young Justice. Seriously, that’s a smart cartoon.


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