In which Damian Wayne comes across as the sanest (and that’s not a good sign)

Batman and Robin: Batman vs Robin by Grant Morrison, Cameron Stewart and Andy Clarke

So Bruce is “dead” (he’s not dead – he’s actually lost in time, whatever that means – seriously!? Although I’m thrilled and not remotely surprised he’s not dead somehow I feel like losing in him time is the kind of idea that seems really, really awesome at 3 in the morning after eight packs of sour skittles and a two-four but probably not the kind of idea that should hold up to any level of scrutiny the next morning -anyway) Dick’s wearing the cowl and Damian is his Robin. Or would be, if he wasn’t recovering from recently being shot repeatedly by Jason.

So Damian’s with his crazy,crazy mother who’s giving him a new spine and if that seems likes a bad idea, what until you hear what Dick’s doing – he’s in England looking for a Lazarus pit to throw Bruce’s body into ’cause he’s still not ready to accept his mentor/best friend being dead. And that he has to be Batman.

The first half of this book is the story of why we never, ever raise dead loved ones using chemical soup we find in abandon mine shafts because it always ends badly. There are some neat moments – Dick meeting Batwoman for the first time as Batman was one of them. It was also my first introduction to Batwoman. I’ve been avoiding her generally, because clearly the last thing I need is another of member of the Batfamily to adore but she is pretty kick ass. Dick is also a really different Batman then Bruce and seeing that, I don’t know, was kind of wonderful.

Of course, the big reveal (spoiler) is that the body that Dick, Tim, Damian and Alfred buried was just a clone so…. drum roll!…. Tim’s right, Bruce isn’t dead.

Dick’s search for Bruce kind of dominates his half of the next story, while Damian has come to realize that his mother, being the spectacularly crazy person she is has managed to find a way to control him using his new spine. That will teach everyone to trust her.

No actually, I doubt that.

Anyway, this story was a little more Batman-y with more riddle solving and mysterious villains pulling strings and weird clues that Bruce left around the house while he was pretending to be his own crazy, devil worshiping ancestor. At least, I hope he was pretending. Anyway, this one kind of was the middle. It built off of some awesome set up and is building towards some awesome conclusions but it’s not that remarkable as a stand alone thing.

By far the most awesome part was Damian trying desperately to not kill Dick. That’s how Damian shows love – by trying not to kill you.

Last movie I watched: Time Travelers Wife. Rubbish.

Last TV episode I watched: Young Justice. Still really, really clever.


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