New favourite graphic novel ever! (Excluding Batman for anyone who was about to ask)

Sidekicks by Dan Santat

Aging Captain Amazing is force to take a month off after a nearly fatal  allergic reaction to peanuts he was exposed to during a battle with a supervillain. Disheartened and tired he decides, reluctantly, that it’s time to look for a new sidekick. Rosco, his super powered dog and Fluffy his not so superpowered hamster both jump at the chance to audition for the job so they can spend more time with him. While Rosco strikes out on his own to establish his identity as a sidekick, Fluffy and the newest family member, a chameleon called Shifty end up getting trained by Manny the cat, Captain Amazing’s former sidekick who abandoned the family a long time ago. As the deadline for the auditions comes closer the more prepared the pets are but the more danger Captain Amazing is in.

Of course, this is a kid’s graphic novel. They all band together at the last moment, kick a villain’s butt and realize how important family is. No big shockers there.

I’m having trouble pinpointing exactly what was the most awesome thing about this one. The illustration were really fun, and that’s super important (see upcoming blog post on Redwall: The Graphic Novel). They were simple and colourful and hilarious, although a book about a crime fighting hamster and a chameleon is pretty much guaranteed to be funny. The story, although quite pointed and clear about the importance of brotherhood and family and working together and thinking to make up for your lack of superpower (if that’s a problem for you) is still fun, zany, clever and enjoyable. Each of the animals have strong, unique characters and are totally adorable.

Seriously, if I wasn’t a barely-not-broke part time librarian living in a sketchy apartment I’d probably go get a dog, a cat, a hamster and chameleon and watch for them developing superpowers.

It reads, in a lot of ways, like a parody of the superhero genre (which is important… superheroes need to be parodied) and maybe that was why it was so funny and wonderful as an adult. Either way – new favourite (up there with Pandemonium). Everyone should check this one out.

But not all at once. This poor copy’s starting to show how much it’s been loved.

Still no movie updates.

Last TV episode I watched :A Batman Beyond. ‘Cause they are awesome.


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