Brian Jacques – not really meant to be a picture book (although he did write one)

Redwall: The Graphic Novel by Brian Jacques

When I was growing up I loved the Redwall books, I think I read about 13 of them before I realized that they are all exactly the same. I know, I was a little slow to catch onto stuff. As an adult I’m kind of astounded that kids even read Redwalls at all. They’re really fat, full of pages and pages of description most of which is about food and all the characters are completely defined by their species. Its cool that they all talk funny (moles, hares) and even now I kind of think the sparrows and badgers are awesome but there’s just not much more to them. Brian Jacques built his awesome world and then just recycled it for 22 fat novels.

On the other hand, romance authors do the same thing I guess…

So the graphic novel, which also gets checked out of my library pretty regularly just wasn’t that awesome. It was kind of neat I guess, to get through the story without pages and pages listing all the foodstuffs but on the other hand the illustrations are black and white which isn’t that appealing to me (maybe kids like it more though, who knows?) and the dialogue is taken right from the book. Awesome for any Redwall enthusiasts who don’t want to see Jacques beautiful word getting watered down, but he was writing twenty, almost thirty years ago and the mice (pretty much the only characters not defined by some outrageous accent) sound… old somehow. Even the young ones.

I don’t know. I got through it, it was enjoyable but I feel like there are just so many other, better graphic novels about talking animals out there.

Like Sidekicks.

Last movie I watched: None

Last TV episode I watched: MERLIN! MORGANA KNOWS! AHHH! PANIC! Sorry, I’m a little excited.


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