Recovering from the Time Traveler’s Wife exactly the way you’d expect me to – with Batman!

Battle for the Cowl by Tony S. Daniel (and a bunch of other people who wrote shorts at the end)

Bruce Wayne is dead (don’t worry, as I understand it, it’s temporary). Gotham immediately just collapses into chaos. Which isn’t that far from normal actually – whatever. So the immediate and extended Batfamily are working their little spandex covered butts off trying to keep everything from completely going to hell and Tim and Alfred have a theory that what the city needs is Batman. Obviously, THE Batman would be best, but in his absence A Batman would be good.

Nightwing’s kind of leading the circus which consists of Robin, Damian Wayne (he doesn’t have a superhero name yet), Oracle and her Birds of Prey – Huntress and Black Canary, Knight and Squire (yeah I have no idea who they are either), Batwoman and her crew, Catwoman, some (or maybe all?) of the Outsiders (not sure who they are either) and eventually Spoiler. There may be a few others I forgot in there too somewhere. Not important. What is, is that Nightwing is being as in charge as possible.

And, much to his frustration Tim keeps insisting that one of them needs to step up and be Batman. Tim’s willing to do it, but doesn’t feel like he’s the right choice. Dick refuses because Bruce told him to, but can’t keep his promise to his mentor when Jason Todd (Robin # 2) decides enough is enough, dons the cap and cowl and starts shooting people.

Obviously, the Robins object to anyone using Bruce’s mantel in such an unBatmanish way.  After Jason’s enthusiastic efforts to kill Tim, Dick comes to the conclusion that, although he doesn’t want to be Batman and Bruce doesn’t want him to Batman either, if the city needs one, it really does have to be him.

The best part was the Batboys (Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian) trying to understand how to function without their father, in and out of their costumes. It’s pretty subtle but you can see how each of them is trying to cope, trying to decide what he’d want from them, or what he’d need them to do. Dick doesn’t understand how Bruce could have been so wrong about the city’s need for a Batman, or how to protect his brothers, particularly when they insist on doing dangerous things. Jason sees an opportunity to prove that his way is best, better than Bruce’s and better than the other Robins which might be more important. Tim assumes that Bruce just wants him to keep doing his best  – he solves the riddles, he goes out to confront Jason when he’s not sure Dick will but in the end it’s clear Tim can’t keep doing this. Damian is rebelling against everything, ’cause that’s what he does, but when Nightwing rescues him it’s obvious he wants and needs to be like his brothers. That’s what’s really wonderful about this one.

Also Oracle. She’s pretty freakin’ awesome. I’ve got a Batgirl book out of the library (well, several actually) but one of them’s about Barbra Gordon. I think she’s probably the most interesting female character in the Batman-verse. Or maybe all of DC but I don’t think I’m qualified to make that claim.

Hopefully I never will be.

Last movie I watched: None

Last TV episode I watched: Merlin! I love this show, completely and utterly but I’m starting to notice an irritating narrative pattern. It goes like this:

Season 3

Merlin: Morgana is evil and in the castle!

Everyone else: No that’s ridiculous. Stop being silly.

Season 4

Merlin: The Uncle is evil and in the castle!

Everyone else: No that’s ridiculous. Stop being silly.

Season 5

Merlin: Gwen is evil and in the castle!

Everyone else: No that’s ridiculous. Stop being silly.

When is everyone going to realize that Merlin is ALWAYS RIGHT ABOUT EVIL PEOPLE IN THE CASTLE!?


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