Proof that no matter how many boys you adopt, you’re never really prepared for your long lost crazy son

Batman and Son by Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert and Jesse Delperdang

So, new favourite Batman!

This is the story of Bruce’s first meeting with his biological son Damian and it is awesome. For loads of reasons beyond the long lost child story, which is both old and excellent.

It’s also probably what Batman and King Arthur would talk about if they ever got together for dinner.

Given that it’s New Year’s Day I’m just going to list my favourite parts of this one and not think about the rest too much.

1) Alfred feeds the bats that live in the Batcave. Bruce didn’t know that. But Tim did.

2) Bruce has forgotten how to be Bruce Wayne. Alfred helps him out – “the voice shouldn’t be so deep and gravelly” .

3) Bruce goes to an art exhibit about comic book art. There are large “Blam!”s and “Boom!”s written on the walls. Later he gets in a fight (shocking, I know) and some well placed “Pow”s are just excellent.

4)Alfred reads Artemis Fowl!!!

5) Batman finds out he has a kid. He’s not that thrilled about it. Particularly since the mother is Talia who loves Bruce and who Bruce kind of loved only she’s the daughter of one of his greatest enemies and when he didn’t want to knock her up she drugged and therefore kind of raped him… ’cause that’s what you do to … people you love …and then raised his kid to be batshit crazy.

6) Tim finding out about Damian. Bruce assuring Tim that nothing has changed.

7) Damian breaking shit ’cause his Daddy won’t give him a sword

8) Tim trying to make friends with his kind of brother and being beaten to a pulp for his efforts. Also Bruce finding out that Damian beat Tim to a pulp.

9) Bruce  having a rocket. And Damian not knowing about it.

10) Bruce’s awesome relationship with the prostitutes, particularly the one who helps him not die.

11) Bruce not dying.

12) Alfred’s magical healing powers. Seriously both Tim and Bruce almost died one time each in this book and still were in good enough shape for a big epic fight scene at the end.

13) The big, epic fight scene at the end.

14) Talia finding out about the lady Bruce’s is dating. Ten bucks says she’s dead or evil in the next book.

Last movie I watched: Twilight Breaking Dawn: The really boring one (part 2). Seriously, I can’t believe they’re getting worse. On the other hand, it was better than the book

Last TV episode I watched: Grimm. Which is kind of awesome.


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