At Christmas the only things you can read are comics

Seriously – in the 5 days I had off I managed to get less then 20 pages into my novel. Extremely unsatisfying. So comics it is.

Batman Arkham City End Game by Derek Fridolfs and Jason Shawn Alexander. Batman Dark Knight Prisoner No More by Gregg Hurwitz and David Finch. Batman Beyond #9, 10 by Krul Porter Livesay, Nguyen Fridolfs, Beechen Breyfogle. Red Hood and the Outlaws by Scot Lobcell and Pascal Alixe. Young Justice Invasion Divided They Fall? by Greg Weisman and Christopher Jones.

Arkham City is the comic series based on the video game. Seriously that’s a thing. Well sort of anyway – I guess whoever made the game thought it would be cool if have all the villains living in a little city so Batman could systematically beat them up (the plot of the video game) and then DC built stories around why all the bad guys would be in a city. The Joker is apparently dying (I don’t believe it) in the set up for the game and in this comic he’s seemingly dead (still don’t believe it). But being the Joker he needs to screw with people even after his death. It’s a pretty dark story but kind of lacks the stuff I love most about Batman (bonding, emotions, clever detective work, etc). Good read though, that’s for sure.

Dark Knight is one of the New 52 series that DC is using as an elaborate torture device ’cause they’re mean. This one actually comes before the one I’d already read and mostly consists of Scarecrow torturing Batman for reasons unknown and exploring Scarecrow’s back story. I totally admire that Batman writers are trying to make the villains sympathetic and genuine but I’m starting to feel like child abuse can’t the the only trauma that makes bad guys.  I’m pretty sure science can back me up there too. Anyway – fun times. Makes Batman getting rescued by Damian in the next episode way sweeter.

Batman Beyond (both of them, same story, continuation of each other) FILLED WITH AWESOME. Terry and the Justice League, or whatever they’re calling themselves in the future are fight Kobra and a really giant… cobra that’s trying to eat most of the city. Highlights include Bruce and Barbara rescuing Terry after Bruce half tricked him into becoming a demon (I know, comics cross genres too often) and both Tim and Dick showing up. SO GOOD. If there was a downside I’d have to say it was too much Superman.

Since I have such huge crushes on all the other Robins, it seemed unfair of me to ignore Jason, so I grabbed one of Red Hood’s New 52 comics. Awesomeness about this one? Red Hood beating up Superman. For like 2 seconds but still, you got to give him credit for trying. Also epic – the ending! And the cliffhanger! I mean, you always know setting Jason up to meet the Joker is going to be pretty fabulous but I guess it never gets old.

And apparently Young Justice is more than just a really smart cartoon, it’s a comic too! Just full of my favourite characters like Superboy (way less annoying than Superman) and Miss Martian (guess what? She’s an alien!) and adorable Nightwing and Batgirl awesomeness. Not that much story wise but I’m not sure what to expect. Its the first comic I’ve read that I found in the kids section.

Last movie I watched: Muppets Christmas Carol. My favourite Christmas movie. But the library didn’t get it back until after Christmas so I had to watch it last night. No biggie though! Turns out Michael Cane is awesome any time of year.

Last TV episode I watched: Merlin! Which is awesome!! And apparently cancelled. Which sucks a lot.


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