The really awesome kids’ book that wasn’t (a kids’ book)

The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fford

Note to publishers: The age of the the character doesn’t automatically mean you’ve figured out your target audience.

Jennifer Strange is a fifteen, almost sixteen year old girl. She is also very, very awesome.

But that doesn’t make this book funny for kids. I thought the country of the Ununited Kingdom, complete with a UKBC was hilarious. I loved each of the wizards and their quirky habits of giving themselves titles, playing tricks on each other and doing plumbing just to pay the bills. I thought the  idea of the government requiring paperwork for every single spell or risk a witch burning was super funny. The Transient Moose, the Quarkbeast and the Sisters of the Lobster are all wonderful.

But when the description of these wonderful things, plus the foundling system, the introduction of Tiger and the legend of the Dragonslayers takes up the first two thirds of the book I just can’t help but feel like most kids aren’t willing to commit to almost two hundred pages of quirky, fun but  slowing moving narration. I mean I love bureaucracy, eccentric old people and breakfast as much as the next fairly patient adult, but most of the kids I hang out with, probably not so much.

So even though I loved this book (seriously – so much adorable quirkiness and the Quarkbeast and sponsorship/real estate/capitalism jokes) I would never have put it in the kids section. Teen maybe, more likely adults who liked Thursday Next and other quirky British humour.

I fit into both categories.

Last movie I watched: Trout Fishing in the Yemen. Super cute.

Last TV episode I watched: Young Justice. This is a kind of awesome show! I mean, I’m mostly watching it for the Batman appearances, and also Robin/Tim but you know, it’s pretty good.


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