What weekends are for!

Alcatraz versus the Scrivenger’s Bones by Brandon Sanderson

So this is the fabulously funny second book in Alcatraz’s autobiography.

It picks up more or less after the end of the first one – Alcatraz is waiting in an airport to be picked up by his Grandfather Smedry, whose Talent is always being late (I know people with that Talent too). Therefore the agent of the librarians’, the Scrivenger’s Bone, finds Alcatraz first and he’s rescued just in time by Bastille, her mother Draulin, Alcatraz’s newly discovered uncle Kaz and his cousin Australia in a giant glass dragon. First of all, what more could you want out of book?

Then, to make things even better, Alcatraz manages to use his lenses to get in touch with Grandpa Smedry and finds out that he is looking for Alcatraz’s long lost (presumed dead) father at the dreaded Library of Alexandria.

Enter the rescue mission.

So, since I’m not actually a ten year old boy (although I seem to have their reading habits) I’m just going to have to assume that they really like this book because its fun, it’s funny, it’s fast paced and full of adorably, profoundly boyish statements like “Girls smell funny” and excitement over using turning yourself briefly into a jet. All these things are awesome.

I am a literary snob so I kind of adore Alcatraz’s commentary on writing, literature, tropes and Brandon Sanderson’s other works (for example, The Wheel of IT TAKES WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY TOO MUCH Time TO READ THIS SERIES). He bemoans that none of his family or friends have the moral fortitude to die for the purpose of the narrative arch. He discusses metaphors carefully and meticulously. He goes out of his way to draw attention to small details and then orders us for forget them so we will be surprised later and he writes a fake last page so anyone who skips to the last page (SPOILER Bastille is dead) will have the whole book ruined.

I had many laugh out loud moments. Which was awkward since I read quite a bit of it in a bus station/on a bus. Whatever.

The last movie I watched: Wolverine Origins. I’m trying to figure out why it wasn’t more awesome. It had most of the stuff you need to be awesome – a kind of complicated plot, cool characters, Hugh Jackman, but somehow… it just wasn’t as awesome as the other X-Men movies.

Last TV episode I watched: A Batman. I feel like this show is really hard on ex-cons. This one featured an ex-con with an invisibility suit that he used to kidnap his child. Batman won though.


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