Evidence for my previous statement regarding how I read like I’m a ten year old boy

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney

I love Diary of  Wimpy Kid. It’s super cute. And funny. And awesome. And full of little drawings of people. All of these things make it super duper nifty.

I also like books that make me giggle loudly in crowded coffee shops while I sit in comfy chairs next to sleeping people. Super helpful.

So, having prefaced what I’m about to say with all these wonderful things I like about Diary of a Wimpy Kid I’m going to admit  that this one was not my favourite.

And I’m not sure why exactly that is, because even the parts that I wasn’t sure I liked, like the the police coming around for the toy drive or Greg shoveling the church parking lot were hilarious, fit in nicely with the character and the story telling style and made sense. I just felt a little like, I don’t know, these experiences were less likely to reflect (what I perceive as) the ten year old boy experience. Like having a sleepover with a grade 4 class, I can see all the boys farting or making fart noises and then giggling about them until the teacher made them fart behind a curtain which only makes the giggle worse (obviously). That’s just a thing I think would happen. Some of the stuff in this book seems less likely to be real somehow. I don’t know.

Maybe Christmas was just getting in the way of my enjoyment of the book.

Whatever, it was still good, I still giggled, and I’m totally looking forward to the  next one, whenever it comes out.

Since I wrote my last post I haven’t watched anything.

‘Cause it was like ten minutes ago.


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