And then there are some Batman comics that help me understand why comics aren’t taken seriously

Batman: Bloodstorm by Doug Moench

All right, so I’m gathering based on what I’m seeing on the internet that I’m in the minority by not loving this one to death but I kind of didn’t. I mean, yes it was dark and gory and scary and had Batman struggling with his inner demons and fears that he’d become evil and everything he fought against I just kind of wish…. they hadn’t made him a vampire to do it.

It’s not that he’s a vampire. It’s not that this story isn’t cannon and takes places in essentially a crack!verse (apparently that’s a word if you right fan fiction – who knew?). It’s not that Selina is a werewolf/cat/thing, never wears clothes and has no nipples.

It’s just that I felt kind of like it lacked subtly somehow.

I know vampires tend to be metaphor for sexual deviation and outcast-ness and that makes sense with Batman (less the sexual deviation than the outcast-ness, although obviously most of his relationships seemed to involve women of questionable morals, masks, weapons and rooftops so it’s not a huge stretch). And seeing him as an addict had it’s moments. His heroic death was reasonably epic.

But I just want to explore things like the nature of violence and fear, inner demons and struggles, addictions, loyalty, sex and relationships without reducing all the character to blood sucking monsters. Batman is pretty far fetched as it is, but the good ones have really human elements. Bloodstorm kind of… made the human elements supernatural and that was way less interesting to me.

So, I didn’t love it. Didn’t hate it either, but didn’t love it.

Last movie I watched: Batman Sub Zero. Did love it. A lot.

Last TV episode I watched: The Batman Beyond episode where Mr. Fries comes back. Also loved it. A lot.


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