“The lead-in to the highly anticipated video game” – it says so on the cover

Batman: Arkham City by Paul Dini and Carlos D’Anda

So this one kind of read like a lead-in to a highly anticipated video game.

Funny how that works.

Over all, Arkham City was a pretty good one I suppose. It had a lot of really important Batman-y elements – brooding, scary people, a supervillain who plays everyone like they’re puppets and screws with Batman because it’s funny while Batman runs around putting out fires and trying to determine who’s pulling the strings.

No reason on earth for it not too be average or better.

Only, they spend a lot of time setting up for the video game. Which I understand, that’s the point of the book. But it kind of makes the book unsatisfying for those of us who haven’t played it. It’s like laying the ground work for an awesome story and then never getting to it.

But it also kind of wasn’t – I’m not sure what the story is for the video game but I suspect it wouldn’t be that good from a purely narrative angle. The reason I feel this way is because the book sets up all the villains in Arkham City presumable so the Batman can take them all down over the course of the game. Probably real fun to play, probably real formulaic for the reading crowd.

New rule: someone has to make Poison Ivy an outfit that doesn’t look like a joke.

Also, Robin looked like an army escapee in this one – short blonde hair, big muscles. I didn’t mind, but it just isn’t usually how I picture Robins… even when they grow up. They should all have longish hair all the time. I mean, not as long as Nightwing’s mullet/ponytail thing can be but still at least ear length.

Last movie I watched: Sense and Sensibility. What a delightful film. I know Persuasion is my favourite and I know Pride and Prejudice is THE Jane Austin and pretty epic…. but I really like Sense and Sensibility. It might be my second favourite. Sorry Mr. Darcy.

Last TV episode I watched: One of the 1992 Batman. They’re super awesome. Robin’s kind of a dork but still… awesome.


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