It’s so confusing when Nightwing and Batman are the same person…

Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn by Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely and Philip Tan

Well that was AWESOME.

It’s good to get that out of the way.

So in this book, Bruce is missing, presumed dead (he’s not) and Dick has reluctantly grabbed the cape and cowl, climbed inside and is now pretending to be Batman. Damian, who is Bruce’s son with Talia al Ghul is the new Robin since Tim Drake is elsewhere (as I understand it he’s trying to figure out where the presumably dead Bruce is). And neither Dick nor Damian is adjusting all that well to life as the Dynamic Duo.

Dick regrets having to abandoning Nightwing and hates trying to fill Bruce’s shoes. He doesn’t feel like he’s fooling anyone (he’s not) and he doesn’t know how to relate to a violent, slightly crazy and intensely bitter twelve year old with scary fierce fighting skills. He’s even expected to take up Bruce’s position with Wayne Enterprises and evidently the poor guy can hardly count (I think he and I perfect for each other).

Damian is equally frustrated with his situation. He feels like Dick couldn’t possible replace his father, isn’t a mentor worth listening to and just wants to go out and hit stuff pretty much ever minute he’s awake.

So, you throw these two barely functional people together and then add tons of CRAZY to it and you get a really good story.

The villains in this book are freakin’ terrifying. I mean, that’s something I haven’t talked about that much but definitely noticed about these comics – the bad guys are the stuff of nightmares. Like actually. This one featured a dude who, while wearing a pig mask, cuts people’s faces off. Yeah, that’s not horrifying. The next one is a deadly assassin (who I thought was a terrible choice since they made him incredible gay and it really bothers me that as of yet, the only not straight character I’ve encountered in this universe is evil) and then later Red Hood. Who is probably my favourite villain.

Anyway, this one was kind of fantastic just to see the relationship between Dick and Damian develop. I also really like Dick, so it was nice to see a story that is more about him, that really makes him into a person with his own issues and frustrations and conflicting loyalties and all that good stuff. All in all, definitely a win.

Last movie I watched: The Librarian Return to King Solomon’s Mines. It had it’s moments.

Last TV show I watched: Batman. He gets Green Lantern’s ring. No offense to Green Lantern, I’m sure he’s an awesome superhero and all, but what kind of superpower is jewelry wearing anyway?


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