I know it looks like I don’t do anything but read Batman… I swear I do though

Batman: The Widening Gyre by Kevin Smith, Walter Flanagan and Art Thibert


And then Onomatopoeia slit Bruce’s fiancee’s throat.

Got to admit, I really didn’t see that coming. I mean I assumed Baphomet had to be evil or I’d know who he was but man – out of no where!

Also, Bruce, sweetheart, I love you so much but you just told a hero murderer your real name. That makes me think that you’re an idiot. Greatest Detective my ass.

Okay, so this one obviously had a pretty devastating effect on me because it ended with the WORST CLIFF HANGER EVER. Now I have to go find the next one which is impossible since it hadn’t been published yet and it’s just so unfair.


Anyway, my feelings about this one are kind of complicated. There were some kind of… 1980s style bits that I could have done without (Nightwing’s costume in the part 4, for example), some “old chum” which was goofy, Dick’s silly Robin attitude (hence forth to be referred to as Robintude) and Batman’s apparently stupid streak (further proof that men can only think with one brain at a time. At least according to pop culture).

I didn’t mind that he was all romantic and lovey dovey with Silver St. Cloud, long lost love interested number… I don’t know 721 or something. I actually kind of liked the contrast between Batman’s life and Bruce’s and the moments they overlap, like when he get’s paranoid that things are just going too well and almost gets everybody dead were some of the greatest in the book.

There touches of Robin and Nightwing too, which were my absolute favourite parts (“the kid pulled a me” Batman muses with a smile when Nightwing disappears leaving him alone in a morgue)  and loads of scary villains (most of whom were cannibals – I’m very uncomfortable with cannibalism) and some mystery surrounding Baphomet all of which are nice, and absolutely important for a Batman comic. Bruce and Silver really made sense together, and she was only a little Mary Sue. The rest of the JLA was hilarious to have around although quite useless and it felt like a really great story.

Even at the ending. Which will now torture me for a very long time.

No new movie, no new TV show


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