The downside of too much build up

Batman: Year One by Frank Miller, David Mazzucchelli and Richmond Lewis

Well, I was really, really, really excited for this one. I’ve had it out of the library for like… 3 weeks but I was trying to get through everything else that was due back first. So those three weeks have been building the excitement. Batman Returns was so awesome. This lead me to the conclusion that Frank Miller and Batman together would be amazing.

And they totally were.

But I kind of knew pretty much how this one was going to go ’cause it’s Batman’s first year. That doesn’t mean I didn’t super enjoy watching Bruce Wayne working out his Batman plan, or Jim Gordan struggling to fit in in a police for that’s so corrupt it makes a South American American backed dictatorship look clean or Selina Kyle’s decision to work towards a better life for herself (and her cats). I totally did – it was awesome. Batman so rarely seems to screw up but he buggers up a lot in this book. Jim’s personal and professional struggles were great and the moment they start to work together is incredibly satisfying.

I just wished it’d brought something new to the story. I know it did at the time it was first published of course but since then the back story of Batman has been reworked so much that it just didn’t stand on its own as much as I would have liked it to. Still a good read though. Further proof that Frank Miller and Batman are pretty epic together.

Last movie I watched: Still Batman versus Dracula

Last TV episode I watched: JTV (an episode of Batman)


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