Sometimes Batman is only kind of awesome

Batman: Death Mask by Yoshinori Natsume

And by kind of awesome I mean HE’S FREAKING BATMAN. Which always makes him awesome.

However, the story in Death Mask kind of wasn’t. I mean it was a good story, with all the elements of a good story – Batman has nightmares and an identity crisis, there’s a random chick who Bruce is into that he meets later as Batman and finds out she’s totally more kick ass then he thought, loads of flashbacks, a super creepy villain who uses human faces to make masks with excitingly weird drug things and an epic battle between the Batman and someone from Bruce’s past.

And nothing else.

No real twists or turns, no Batman using his epic detective skills, nothing really … well surprising about it. Which, as it turns out, is kind of disappointing. Comparing Death Mask to a story line like Hush, which had most of the same plot points (minus using people’s faces to get high) is like comparing the movie of Dead Like Me to the TV show – sure, it had some good moments but no Mandy Patinkin so really, what’s the point? Its hard not to be unfairly biased against Death Mask coming out of reading a few Batman stories that were just… so clearly… better.

Also disappointment to me was the absence of all the cool sidekick/Batfamily members. Alfred was on like two pages, there were zero Robins, zero Batgirls and zero Gordans. This is saddening to me, since Batman and his relationships with these people kind of make up a hugely important part of the character for me. Original Robin was kind of annoying. And whiny. And useless. But I totally understand why they introduced him – because Batman by himself is pretty badass but way less awesome.

Anyway, all in all, it didn’t suck. Batman was cool and punched face. Bruce Wayne was a jackass in an adorable way. The Bruce that’s somewhere in the middle was sufficiently tortured. It was just a Batman story though.

Last movie I watched: Still haven’t watched one.

Last TV episode I watched: The Butler Did It. Evil brainwashing master man makes Alfred steal shit! Don’t worry though – Batman fixes him.


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