Just when I thought I was passing out of my Batman phase …

Batman: Hush Unwrapped by Jeph Loeb,Jim Lee and Richard Starkings

Just when I thought I was starting to get interested in other things, you know, besides Batman I read Hush Unwrapped.

I’m am so not over Batman yet.

This is the first graphic novel I’ve read without any colour at all. It’s all black and white, very sketched pictures which I didn’t like that much at first. And I didn’t really use them. I mean, you can work out what’s going on by reading the dialogue and Batman’s inner narration pretty effectively. But after a while I looked at them and realized – they’re beautiful. The lines are gorgeous, the way shapes are suggested is wonderful and even though sometimes they’re cluttered and it’s hard to tell what’s going on, they are reflective of the narrative. When everything is slow and sensible, everything is clear but in fights the lines get cluttered and it’s harder to tell.

Okay, enough about the pictures. What do I know about them anyway?

Onto the story and how it was AWESOME. I’m just going to spoil the hell out of this because I’m reasonably convinced I’m the only Batman infatuated person who ever reads this blog. Possibly the only person who reads it period.

So this exciting epic that includes all of my favourite characters (an increasingly long list I notice) starts with Batman rescuing a twelve year old boy whose been kidnapped by Killer Croc. Things seem to be going quite smoothly, Batman rescues the boy but the money disappears. It takes the  World’s Best Detective twelve seconds to realize that Catwoman slipped in and stole it so he goes after her. As he does one of his epic swings over the street something (that probably should happen way more often then it does) occurs – someone cuts the rope. This leaves Batman with a fractured skull and brain damage (Don’t worry, he gets better). Luckily he had Oracle, Huntress, Alfred and Nightwing/Dick, as well as a mysterious childhood friend who grew up to be a brain surgeon named Tommy on his team. They make up a story about Bruce Wayne driving his car into something and he gets right back to the crime fighting. With an appropriate pause to half recover.

Batman, sometime in his coma or recovery period, one has to assume, as realized something. Killer Croc doesn’t get attached to money and Catwoman doesn’t steal from him. He begins to investigate only to realize that all his old enemies (like all of them, it’s crazy) are involved in some massive conspiracy against him. Also, he and Catwoman also finally get around to taking the next step in their relationship – making out on roof tops!

Highlight moments include Dick’s pep talk about how Batman and Catwoman should totally hook up, Alfred asking Bruce to last at least the first half of the opera (he doesn’t) and Bruce telling Selena what his other name is. Other fabulous moments include Batman almost beating the Joker to death, Clayface taking on the appearance of Jason Todd and trying to kill Tim Drake/ Robin #3 and Batman battling Superman while he was under Poison Ivy’s control. Seriously – for a guy whose invincible I feel like Superman spends a lot of time being controlled by other people.

The big reveal at the end didn’t come as a huge shock to me – there were lots of hints that Tommy was kind of crazy – but I liked the master Mastermind. That one I won’t spoil.

Anyway, all in all, awesome.

Last movie I watched: I haven’t watched any movies recently since Little Shop of Horrors. Which I am now singing. Again.

Last TV episode I watched: Starts with B, ends with N. I’m practicing letters with my preschool program.

But we don’t talk about Batman. ‘Cause most of them are 2.


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