My first real comic book experience!

Batman: Contagion by 5 different writers, 11 different pencillers, 7 inkers, 8 colourists, 3 colour seperators, 6 letters and Bob Kane. Sorta. ‘Cause he still gets credit for everything Batman.

And they all deserve credit but I’m not about to write out all their names. Sorry all 40 of you guys. And Bob Kane.

Okay, so the reason I’m referring to this book as my first real comic book experience is ’cause it kind of is. The book is a collection of stories surrounding some exciting events in Gotham designed to end at REALLY ANNOYING parts so if they were being released in comic book fashion, that is one at a time, you’d have to buy the next one just to know what happened.

It’s like watching TV only more expensive.

Luckily for me, the whole story of Contagion is contained in the book Contagion so I didn’t have to go crazy.

This book is also printed on crappier paper than say, The Dark Knight Returns, which added to the exciting comic-y feel of the experience.

I’ve been doing, God dare I admit this on the internet where it may stay forever?, research  on the Batman and his whole universe, particularly the characters and that’s part of what made this comic so exciting – I finally got to meet them! This comic features, besides the dashing Bruce Wayne, the loyal and generally awesome Jim Gordon and the equally loyal and awesome Alfred, Nightwing aka Dick Grayson aka the first Robin who grew up to pretty attractive for a drawing (love the ponytail), Tim Drake aka Robin (the third), the Huntress aka Batwoman (briefly) aka Helena Bertinelli, Catwoman aka Selina Kyle (yeah I know, everyone knows her) and a whole bunch of characters I hadn’t even heard of.

I’m kind of proud of that actually.

Anyway, so the story is basically there’s a group of people who do terrible things for no discernible reason and one of the senseless, terrible things they do is contaminate a guy who just happens to be from Gotham with a virus that turns everyone into that hunchback from the 300 movie that really sucked (unless you just injected 300 tons of testosterone straight into your veins) and then kills them. It’s super contagious and ninety percent of the people who catch it go on to die from it. Batman’s frenemy, a fellow called Azreal, gets word to him that the carrier is coming but not quick enough so the city is plunged into chaos. Everyone runs around in a state of panic looking for someone who survived the virus so they can create an antidote, tries to stop angry mobs from lighting things on fire and avoid catching the bug themselves. It involves some pretty delightful relationships (Nightwing and Robin), some fabulous forced friendships (Catwoman and Robin) and some loads of complications (Batman and Ivy).

As it turns out, comics are kind of awesome. Here’s a complicated world that readers can really delve into, get a feel for and develop a relationship with. The characters are surprisingly well developed and their relationships are real. Story wise we’re not looking at anything super original (everyone hates a pandemic) but there’s a lot to be said for an old story that can still mean something. So all in all, it was kind of awesome. I see now why people collect these.

I mean, I’m not going to start but I understand.

Comics are awesome.

Last movie I watched: Batman Begins. Just to see how I feel about it now that I’m all aware of the mythology and stuff. I’m only halfway through it, so I’m not sure yet

Last TV episode I watched: One of The Batman cartoons from 2004. I kind of love it.

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