Large breasted women in tight clothes (and a little bit of Batman)

Batman: The Cat and The Bat by Fabian Nicieza, Kevin Maguire, Sal Cipriano and LLL

All right, so this was a fun ride but not comparable to the last three Batman comics I’ve… devoured recently. It’s probably stories like this one that give comics their trashy reputation. I mean, sure it was funny, but also kind of… well, full of chicks fighting each other and shredding their clothes in conveniently  sexy ways.

Also Batman was hardly there at all.

So it’s the story of Batgirl/ Barbara Gordon. In a (somewhat misguided) attempt to help Batman out, she steals her father’s notebook to check and make sure he doesn’t suspect Bruce Wayne, enough though he’d probably be okay with it. Whatever, so she steals it and takes it to her work. Get this – she’s a librarian! A super hero librarian! She and Giles are now my favourite people ever.

Anyway, Catwoman steals the notebook ’cause she wants to blackmail some Russian mobsters (there are always Russian mobsters) into releasing a friend of hers. Batgirl, realizing that she screwed that up pursues Catwoman all over the city. They both take their clothes off and once they put them back on, proceed to tear them apart. Eventually they lose the damn book completely and reluctantly team up to get it back. They suck at getting it back, they get discovered by Batman who apparently just hovers around waiting for someone to need a hand with something but in the end they manage to outsmart all the villains, get the book and get home before their parents. In Barbara’s case anyway.

So there we have it. If there’s any redeeming qualities in this particular story it’s Barbara’s funny internal monologue which is hilarious at points and Batman’s adorable hands off/hands on parenting style (because he really is a parent in this one).

I haven’t missed the extreme sexism in comics, and this is one of the worst examples I’ve observed so far but I don’t really regret the 45 minutes I spend getting through it. Hopefully the next one will be more awesome.

Last movie I watched: Batman Beyond.

Last TV episode I watched: Heartland. That show is on like ALL THE TIME. There’s no time of day when you can’t have your heart warmed by sweet stories about country girls and their horses. True story.

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