And for a change, some Batman

Batman Cacophony by Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan, Sandra Hope, Guy Major and Jared K Fletcher

Cacophony was different again from the other Batman books that I recently read. For one thing, it was much more dated. Dated meaning full of pop culture references that clearly place it in the late 200os not in some vague time that could be a distant future or some strange fantasy time shortly after WW II, like most of them. The illustrations are more appealing to me than The Dark Knight returns, but the story wasn’t nearly as fantastic.

Still, it was an interesting one, focusing mainly on the Batman’s crazy obsession with the Joker. Also, the Joker’s crazy obsession with the Batman.

The story starts with a mysterious masked villain breaking Joker out of jail, apparently specifically to distract Batman. And although Batman may be the greatest detective in the world it takes him a few minutes to work this out. The cool thing about the masked villain is that he only speaks in onomatopoeia and has been hunting non-super powered super heroes in his free time.

The cool thing about the story is how it takes the obsession between the Joker and Batman and puts it on the Batman, not the Joker.

Spoiler! This comic is canonical so at this point the Joker has crippled Barbara Gordon/Batgirl and brutally beat Jason Todd/Robin number two to death. And yet, when he gets stabbed in the heart Batman is unable to let him die, despite the pleas of James Gordon and the logic in just letting him die. At first it seems like he just couldn’t live with himself if he let someone die when he could do something about it but afterwards when he goes to talk to the Joker it starts to seem like, as sick as it is, he does need the Joker to be his foil, even if it costs lives.

And that was what made this story neat. Batman came off as crazy as the Joker.

Last movie I watched: The second half of Batman Begins. Yes, it’s pretty awesome. Not in the same way the comics are but comics made directly into movies usually suck (see X-men 3). It’s a good movie

Last TV show I watched: Haven’t since my last post. Man it’s easy to read graphic novels quickly.


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