And that’s got to be the worst

Tinker Bell and the Wings of Rani by a boat ton of people but mostly Disney

1) That has further damaged my already limited faith in Disney.

2) If this is what girl graphic novels are like, no wonder no one reads them.


So I realized I hadn’t read any graphic novels targeted specifically at girls and I also like sparkly, colourful things like fairies. I grabbed Wings of Rani. Well it sucked. I mean like, really terrible. The pictures were pretty in an uber feminine way. I like fairies as much as the next estrogen dominated person but this is just unmanageable.

In the first story one of the fairies wants to win the painting contest so she and her best friend travel all around the island looking for something to paint after the sneering bitch fairy taunts them only to learn at the end that friendship is more important (and then paint a picture of friendship and win the prize). The second one is about how one fairy gives up on her dream of seeing a flower she’s been caring for open in order to find a lost fairy (surprise! She makes it back in time.) The next one involves a conflict between the boyish fairy and the bitch fairy who both want the same dress. The next one is the only one with any really story to it, involving Rani the only fairy who can swim because she has no wings saving a friend and telling the story of how she lost her wings (she cut them off so she could get a magical item for a quest and then traded them to a dragon) but the didactic-ness of it was overwhelming. Finally, in the last one the Queen can’t find her shoes so she goes out without any and starts a fashion trend of not wearing shoes.

That’s right, this book is about girls who paint, like flowers, dresses, are self sacrificing and like shoes. Can we pause to give my feminism a moment to recover?

So two things about this book made me angry. Thing one  – the terrible lessons it’s teaching girls, and yes they are actively teaching. After not wearing shoes for a while the girls all learn valuable lessons like “try to be positive in the face of a problem” but at the end of it all, the story is more about the footwear. Plus, girls could easily learn that lesson fixing cars or playing soccer or anything that doesn’t involve glamorous foot fashion. All the conflict, if there any comes, from the bitch fairy who’s random acts of selfishiness seem to be core to her personality leaving her with no redeeming qualities and essentially as a plot item (women as the plot item?! When does that happen?!). Each fairy has a talent too – TinkerBell is a tinkering fairy, there are speed fairies and garden fairies and water fairies and…. polishing fairies? That’s right. Some of these great fairy talents include the ability to make things sparkly again. Even the self sacrificing lessons come through too strong. Sure it’s important, but why is it so important for girls?

Thing two – the stories sucked. Straight up, they were boring . I don’t care about which dress they wear to the party. Just don’t. Lame.

So anyway, that’s that. Not so good.

Last movie I watched: Still Batman Beyond and the Return of the Joker. Still awesome. Batman’s relationship with his various sidekicks and replacements is so cool!

Last TV show I watched: Most of a Heartland show. Super nice. Pretty horses, pretty boys.

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