Good story, probably not the set up I’ve picked

Avalon High Coronation Volume 1: Merlin Prophecy by Meg Cabot and Jinky Coronado

All right so once again, a random selection ’cause I thought the cover was pretty. I think problem number one is this graphic novel picks up where another story left off and I couldn’t figure out which story that was. As far as I can tell Meg Cabot (author of the fabulous Princess Dairies who I rather adore) wrote another book, a novel, about the characters of Avalon High, where the folks from Camelot are reincarnated into high school students (doesn’t that just suck?). So probably the first third of the graphic novel was summery of the last book, for dorks like me who  haven’t read the novel. Normally, I appreciate that kind of thing since I never read stuff in order, but this time, not so much. This is  the first volume and pretty much nothing happens. It’s all set up for the next two. And it’s good set up of course but … that’s all it is.

The pictures are pretty though and I never get tired of Arthur stories. The characters make sense, in both their contexts and the split images of the teenagers and their former selves are really interesting to look at.

It did irritate me slightly when Ellie/The Lady of the Lake exclaims that she’s really not that pretty when she clearly is. I know, I know most teenage girls don’t feel like they’re pretty when they are but where does that leave the rest of us legitimately not pretty people?

I’d be interested in reading the next one, if my library had it anyway. Good times, light reading, I’m not sure why it’s in the YA and not the J but anyway, it’s all good.

Last movie I watched: Still on a cartoon Batman kick so I’m not going to answer that.

Last TV show I watched: About the same.


2 thoughts on “Good story, probably not the set up I’ve picked

  1. ALly says:

    Lies. you are not among the non-pretty people.

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