My favourite Marvel superhero(es) – X-men!

Ultimate X-men, Vol 1: The Tomorrow People by Mark Miller, Adam Kubert, Andy Kubert, Art Thibert, Brian Harelin, Richard Starkings, Wes Abbot, and some editors and publishers who also deserve credit but I’m not going to copy their names out.

So, other than Batman, X-men is my other most favourite superhero franchise.

Which is why I read this particular graphic novel. And it was good. Very good, very fun, I enjoyed hour and a bit it took me to chew through it. The story is all about how the X-men got gathered together to fight Magneto and his cohorts. Unlike the X-men stories I’m most familiar with (say the movies which I’ve only watched like… 60 times) this comic takes place in a slightly more distant future – one where giant robots hunt for and kill mutants. In this somewhat darker future Magneto’s quest to dominate the world seems somewhat… well I’d say realistic and fair. Who wouldn’t fight against that kind of oppression? And there are some obvious problems with this – do the parents of the mutants just brush off the death of their child? Why are the normal people not a little more upset when people they care about are being killed?

Obviously, I feel like this changes things and makes it less about a conflict between mutants and more of a conflict between mutants and non mutants. At the same time, the conflict between Professor X and Magneto is so much more intense then in the movie when they seemed like “frienemies”, for a good long part of it. There’s no such questioning of their relationship in this comic –  their friendship ended and neither have any loyalty to each other, or lingering feelings of compassion, or … well anything but hatred. I guess (SPOILER!) putting your best friend in a wheelchair is probably hard on the relationship but still…

One of things I noticed about this story that I didn’t like was that Professor X was kind of an ass. I mean, at one point he actually just changes Cyclopes’s brain chemistry because he doesn’t want to have that argument anymore. Let’s just talk about how we’re suppose to trust and agree with this man, who clearly has no respect for the people he professes to care about or their feelings. I mean, he’s a telepath, shouldn’t he recognize how invasive that is?

Anyway, other than that and all the absurd breasts everywhere, I really, really liked this one. The team had a neat dynamic, the characters had clear and interesting motives, it was awesome. Definitely belongs in the YA section but all around awesome.

Last movie I watched: Batman: Mystery of Batwoman

Last TV episode I watched: An episode of Batman.

Let’s not judge me for going on a cartoon Batman kick.


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