My favourite superhero! Maybe not my favourite graphic novel

Batman Beyond: Industrial Revolution by Adam Beechan, Ryan Benjamin, John Stanisci Eduardo Pansica, Eber Ferreira, Chris Batista, Rich Perrotta, David Baron, Swands Travis Lanham, Dustin Nguyen and Darwyn Cooke.

Phew that was a mouthful.

Okay, so my favourite superhero is Batman. Preferably the Bruce Wayne Batman, but I’ll accept this Terry McGinnis character if strictly necessary.

So this graphic novel has a bunch of stories in it. One includes the Justice League, one is told from the perspective of Max, an uncaped sidekick, one very long one (the Industrial Revolution) and the last is the story of a villain called Inque. They do follow in a kind of narrative, mostly anyway and make up this book which is, I’m sure, part of a series that I haven’t read enough of.

Okay, so these stories are all lovely and rarely feel that similar which, I suppose, is the idea. I mean they all feature Terry in a Batman suit and Bruce on a Bluetooth  but beyond that…

In the first one Batman has to join forces with the Justice League to save his brother and mother from a crazy, super powered dying scientist. It ends with a suitably after school special  feeling of goodness about teamwork and not giving concussions to superhuman alien Green Lantern things that can do pretty much everything but still hang around with a dude who’s super power is GROW REALLY BIG. Seriously? Kinda lame. But a good comic book story that explained a lot about Terry and his life and his people skills.

The next one features Max doing something dodgy that will no doubt be resolved in a later issue. It was a good story because Max is interesting but added less to the overall arch. Also, there were few capes.

The next one was the good long one, in which we see a truly evil, bad guy called Blight trying to 1) buy Wayne enterprises (much to Bruce’s distress) and 2) kill Batman (much to Terry’s distress… well Bruce didn’t care for that part either). By far the longest, most complicated, challenging and interesting story in the bunch.

The last one is the sad story of Inque and how she went from a devoted mother to a crazy mercenary that kills people. I suspect her story will be resolved in the next comic. Good, certainly she’s a more interesting villain then one that’s just evil for fun, and reasonably upsetting, at least to a point.

Now, this one was in the YA collection, not the children.  Compared with Which Wish this is totally obvious. It’s darker, more complicated and way less punny. On the other hand, it lacks the cute banter that the Avengers managed. It was also way more compelling as an adult (and I imagine most teens would feel that way too) and I’d actually kind of like to read the next one. Assuming my library gets it.

Last movie I watched: None

Last TV episode I watched: Leverage. Still AWESOME.


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