Finally got around to it

Artemis Fowl: The graphic novel by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin and Giovanni Rigano and Paolo Lamanna (authors, art, colour)

I read one of the Artemis Fowls years ago, and really, really liked it. I always meant to go back and read the others I just didn’t get to it until now. In graphic novel form.

This is the first of the graphic novels I’ve been reading that was based on a book first and I guess that kind of shaped my reading experience. Although I’m sure there are lots of kids who prefer the pictures, I suspect I’d rather read the words. It’s not a reflection on the pictures, which are super cool so much as my person preference.

But this was one of my favourite graphic novels and one possible explanation for why I liked it is that it was a book first.

The story and the plot and the characters, while I suppose episodic in nature just felt so much more… developed I suppose and I don’t just mean they’ve set up the potential for a coherent multi-episode story. This story has written to stand one its own, to get people to read it not because of the nice pictures but by being funny and charming and having likable characters and an interesting narrative and that totally just made the graphic novel work. I really enjoyed the Dresden Files, but a story about animals getting possessed by an evil spirit and fighting hags in the sewers would be hard to write – it was meant to been seen. For Artemis Fowl, being seen was just a bonus.

Last movie I watched: I haven’t.

Last TV show I watched: First episode of Merlin season 5 !!!!!!

Gee, that was a rather short post


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