Just ’cause it’s a comic, doesn’t mean it’s for kids

Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton

I don’t even know what to say about this book. It’s wonderful. Particularly if you like literature or history jokes. Which I totally do. I giggled like an idiot pretty much the whole way through.

My only real comment is that I’m not sure it belongs with the juvenile graphic novels since it contains (bad language imminent) at least 4 fucks, 2 pisses, 1 shit, two beers, one boner and 6 sexies. As well as boobs and ass and other kinds of humourous… things that parents don’t seem to embrace when it comes to their children’s recreational reading. Personally, I’m not that worried about it. At some point all children will hear someone curse and discover that breasts and bums are just kind of a thing, but if And Tango Makes Three is going to lead to some terrible corruption in kids, I’m sure this will too.

More importantly, it depends on the reader knowing a lot about the classics (Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters), history (the Founding Fathers, the Plains of Abraham) and science (the invention of the radio, the discovering of the earth going around the sun). While I believe there are children who could enjoy this kind of humour I feel like there’s just a lot of it for them too get, probably more than they can be expected to and the drawings are not that interesting if you don’t recognize Queen Elizabeth or Napoleon from a simple sketch.

Anyway, if you’re an adult (or a child) with a nerd heavy sense of humour and a tolerance of bad words and bodies, I highly, highly, highly recommend.

Last movie I watched: None since yesterday.

Last TV episode I watched: A Spooks. It was delightful.


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