How to avoid getting a math headache

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green.

After watching countless hours of Vlog Brothers and Crash Course I decided to actually read a book by John Green, and rather arbitrarily selected this one. Unfortunately my local library, much to my frustration, had bought a digital audiobook and several digital copies and I, not the proud owner of an ereader, was unable to get a copy from them. Unless I wanted to read them on my laptop, which is probably the least portable way to read a novel EVER.

Fortunately I have friends in other places who have libraries that consider this eventuality so I managed to acquire a copy.

So An Abundance of Katherines is the story of Colin Singleton, child prodigy, wanna-be genius and Dumpee. After the end of his relationship with Katherine XIX (the nineteenth Katherine he’s dated) his best/only friend Hassan drags Colin on a road trip. Thus begins a general coming of age story in a not-quite-as-American-as-it-sounds kind of way.

This book is awesome for a lot of reasons. The wacky yet almost possible story is engaging and exciting. Colin and Hassan, Lindsay and Hollis, even TOC and SOCT who don’t get full names are remarkably developed and very love/hate-able. The story is full of anagrams and math graphs (which I didn’t look at because I never understand a damn thing about math).

The Eureka moment was probably, while a truly fantastic realization to have, maybe a little too after school special for me but the second time when I flipped through it, I felt like it was shorter than I remembered and I liked it a lot more. I would totally, emphatically recommend this book (and have already done so) and look forward to reading more John Green books if my holds ever come in.

Last movie I watched: Persuasion – this is my favourite Jane Austin and a lovely version of it done by the BBC of course.

Last TV show I watched: Spooks/MI 5. Still awesome!

This is a rather short and lazy post today but I have an excuse. I’m not longer an unemployed librarian! So that’s exciting. Instead of spending the time necessary to really do this book a worthy blog post I was car shopping because I need a new car to go with my new job (no seriously, I actually do –  I will need to be able to get to all the branches in the system). While this may sound really exciting and fun I’m not actually enjoying it that much. One, I’m not that into cars. Two, my budget isn’t big enough to really bask in the car related potential. Apparently this is part of being an adult.


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