Please write faster Mr. Riordan/ The Son of Neptune

As I finished up my degree I promised myself one thing: No matter how much I love libraries, I wasn’t going to step into one until I’d finished reading the very large stacks of books that I had accumulated over the last few years and had not read. You know, those books? Some are gifts and people ask you politely if you’ve read them yet and you always feel like a bad person when you answer “not yet”. Some came from fundraisers or cheap books sales (“5 books for 10 dollars? Sounds like a challenge!”). I have no idea where some of them even came from but I’m sure they are all awesome.

Yeah, that lasted a long time. After finishing The Lost Hero (the second book of my summer) I caved because I HAD to get the next one.

So, The Son of Neptune follows the Lost Hero. The mysterious disappearance of Percy from Camp Half Blood is explained. Of course, by the time I picked it up I guessed most of what Percy had been doing but that didn’t make the story any less exciting.

Unlike The Lost Hero where it was the sidekick characters that quickly pulled me in, in this one it was Percy – Frank and Hazel were good characters with very interesting back stories (insert really exciting spoiler here) but they weren’t quite as lovable as Leo and Piper somehow. I’m starting to think it was a combination of how much funnier Percy’s narrative was and how important it was that they didn’t seem like sidekicks at all. Actually, sidekick isn’t the word I’m looking for. Frank is clearly meant to be a leader who just has to find his leadership style and Hazel feels more like a hero who’s meant to fight on her own but isn’t quite ready for it yet.

Of course, the other highlight was seeing Camp Jupiter. As I may have mentioned, I love the Romans. I mean the Greeks were pretty fabulous but the Romans, man they were just the best! So I really enjoyed the Roman-ness of Camp Jupiter, everything from the incredible number of pretty insignificant but hilarious state gods to the democratic process. I wasn’t always sure about how cold the Roman campers seemed to be towards each other sometimes and the emphasis on how militant they were but I suppose that’s fair. Rome did have a pretty big military.

I’m was thrilled beyond all reason that two excellent characters from the other series appeared – Tyson and Mrs O’Leary. Also, I adore the harpy Ella and Hannibal the camp elephant. The battle scene with them all fighting was probably one of my favourite moments of the whole book.

I also enjoyed that not only did they visit Canada in this book, they visited it twice. And one of the characters is Canadian. Although that was awesome, I didn’t feel like I understood Frank the way I understood say Percy or Piper, or even Hazel. The fact that he was a Chinese Canadian seemed to be in there so we could get an interesting ancestor story and not because Chinese Canadian kids struggle with their identities as much as kids with ADHD and dyslexia or children of Aboriginal decent. it didn’t ruin the story or anything for me, but I was a little disappointed.

Unfortunately, I’m really, really excited to see the seven heroes (Annabeth, Leo, Piper, Jason, Percy, Hazel and Frank?) go to Rome and then Greece in their flying ship made of recycled dragon but the book doesn’t come out until the fall sometime and then I either have to wait for it to come out in softcover, get behind  forty much more deserving children on a library waiting list or get a job so I can afford the hardcover. It that could be a while before I read the next one but I am looking forward to it.

Last movie I watched: Sharpe’s Mission. Yeah, not exactly stimulating movie watching but I kind of adore Sean Bean and in Sharpe he 1) isn’t evil 2) doesn’t die. I do wonder why on earth Sharpe married this woman since he obviously trusts her about as far as he can throw her.

Last TV episode I watched: A Supernatural I think – the one where the boys get trapped in TV. Man, when you type that out it sounds even lamer. It was a funny episode but of course you don’t watch Supernatural for the plot – you watch it for the very attractive actors and the brotherly bonding.

2 thoughts on “Please write faster Mr. Riordan/ The Son of Neptune

  1. Sheilah says:

    I haven’t read the Percy Jackson books (I know, I know!) but I must say, you have made me intrigued. Especially since Tony Head is going to be in the next movie. I’m thinking I should read the books first.

    • devonkw says:

      You should! Have I mentioned yet that they are fantastic?
      I saw the movie first, and then read the book. I liked the movie but the book kind of ruined it for me because it was so much better. I’m excited for the next one.

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